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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Saluja D
Awesome Coverage

TP-Link router are reliable, easy to set, and seamless internet for home or office use with wide coverage and stable connection, perfect for browsing, streaming, and gaming.

Jagan S
Proves as Reliable

The TP-Link router proves to be a dependable solution for uninterrupted internet access. Its strong performance and user-friendly setup guarantee effortless browsing, streaming, and gaming sessions. With extensive coverage and a reliable connection, it stands out as an excellent option for both home and office environments.

Excellent Performance

This product offers exceptional versatility. Its comprehensive configuration page boasts an extensive array of settings, complemented by a seamlessly functioning app. After over two years of use, I've encountered no issues whatsoever. I wholeheartedly endorse it and would certainly recommend it to others.

Prakhar Sharma
Best features

This product fulfills its specifications effectively. Since upgrading my WiFi router, I've experienced a twofold increase in internet speed, allowing me to fully utilize my broadband plan's capabilities. I highly recommend it for users with high-speed broadband connections of 800Mbps and above.

Ankit sharma
Satisfied Performance

TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 V3.2 router exceeded my expectations for my house. Despite a minor dent on the box, it's performing well. Initially, it heated up when first plugged in, and it still does now, though I'm unsure why. However, the network connectivity is excellent, and it delivers impressive internet speeds on my 100 Mbps plan, achieving 92.2 Mbps download and 94.16 Mbps upload speeds. Overall, I'm satisfied with its performance. Thank you for reading this review.