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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Varun Mohanraj
Excellent & Brilliant Product

In just one day, this NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi adapter breathed new life into my seven-year-old Ethernet-dependent Windows box. Simple installation, blazing-fast and stable performance – it's a game-changer. Worth every penny, especially when considering the importance of reliable drivers.

Mohammad Karim A
Amazing design and Quality

Netgear USB extender's compact antenna provides great performance thanks to its generous wire length that allows flexibility in positioning. By upgrading to this adapter, I achieved a 4x increase in both download and upload speeds compared to my previous antenna. The portability combined with the speed boost make this an antenna I highly recommend if you're looking to improve your wireless connectivity.

Khyati Sinha
Lightning fast wifi

In order to improve WiFi performance on my laptop, I bought this product after buying a WiFi 6 router. The WiFi speed I've achieved is incredible. Despite being just four meters from the router, I consistently receive about 260 mbps upload and 470 mbps download using the LAN Speedtest tool. Performance consistency is also good.

Akansha Sharma
Worth of Money

After switching to the Nighthawk, I was able to download and upload at speeds of 200-400mbps. It really shined in game. There was no lag and I had a ping of 40 again. With the dongle, I use it specifically so I can adjust the download/upload speed in different areas. After finding the ideal position, I consistently got 300-400 Mbps download and 120-180 Mbps upload.

Nikhil Kamath
Brilliant product

I've only used this NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi adapter for one day, but so far it has worked flawlessly. It was a simple and flawless installation. Stable and fast performance. Using this device, I was able to transform a seven-year-old, Ethernet-dependent Windows box into something much more useful. Definitely worth the money. Despite the fact that there are cheaper solutions, this solution works. Drivers play a crucial role.