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tp link deco m4 ac1200 setup

How to set up a tp-link deco m4 whole home mesh Wi-Fi system?

Need help with dead zones and slow internet speeds in your home? The TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System is a boon. TP-Link's Mesh technology assures that every corner of your home is covered with powerful Wi-Fi. Dead zones and bandwidth battles are over. Isn't it interesting? 
convert a router to a wifi extender

How to convert my Netlink router to a wifi extender or repeater?

In this blog article, we describe how to convert the Netlink HG323DAC modem into a Wi-Fi extender or repeater by connecting it to the primary router. This network illustrates how it was connected to function as a secondary router or WiFi extender. Connect the Primary router to the OLT Switches through a patch card and configure it. If you have TP-link, Netlink, Syrotech or any related routers, kindly refer our video.
d link eagle pro ai ax1500

How to Setup D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI Ax1500 router using Eagle Pro AI App?

In this blog article, let's look at a step-by-step guide for configuring D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI router utilizing the Eagle Pro AI app. Let's hunt through the setup process to ensure seamless installation. Initially, install or download the Eagle Pro AI app from the Google PlayStore for Android devices, and from the Apple AppStore for iOS devices. After installation, proceed to log in to the application.
bsnl with vi 2024

Is BSNL Set to Revolutionize 4G Service Using Vodafone and Idea Spectrum in 2024?

Yes, it was a temporary bond, as per the letter by BSNL Union General Secretary P. Abhimanyu on February 13, 2024. Let us understand what was highlighted in the letter first. Massive BSNL customers are porting out from the service due to the unavailability of 4G service. Also, “ the reality was both Airtel and Jio armed with their state of 5G art technology which have started approaching bsnl customer”.

airtel jio 5g

Is Airtel and Jio going to increase their 5G charge by 5-10% of the 4G Plan in 2024?

India's top two telecoms network giants, Airtel and Jio, have long been at the forefront of technological advancements. Both Bharat Airtel and Reliance Jio initially launched their 5G services in October 2022, and they still offer it at 4G prices. However, their primary aim is to focus on their 5G Monetization and adoption of 5G Networks which are increasing at National levels.
best wifi 6 router for 2024

Top 5 most popular Wi-Fi 6 routers for 2024

During the past 20 years, Wi-Fi technology has made a significant advancement. The Wi-Fi standard has evolved over the years to become faster and more reliable with each generation. As compared to previous Wi-Fi standards, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) promises major improvements in network capacity, speed, and latency. Through better data compression, Wi-Fi 6 ensures fast speeds for homes and businesses with an increasing number of devices and connections.
tp link archer ax12

Wi-Fi 6 router - Does TP-Link AX12 improve connectivity over previous models?

Wi-Fi technology continues advancing rapidly, with a new generation arriving every few years. Wi-Fi 6, the latest iteration, promises faster speeds, greater capacity, lower latency, and extended wireless range compared to its Wi-Fi 5 predecessor. TP-Link recently released its second-generation Wi-Fi 6 consumer router, the Archer AX12
mikrotik winbox

How should I Configure the Access point on the Mikrotik router using a Winbox?

Configuring an Access Point Bridge on a MikroTik router using Winbox involves setting up the router to function as a bridge between wired and wireless networks, allowing devices to connect wirelessly to the local network.To configure a Mikrotik router basic setup on Winbox, Enter the Mac Address on the Winbox tab and connect it by clicking the connect button.
aruba access point configuration step by step

Configuring Bandwidth Contracts on HPE Aruba wifi Access Point Controller

Configuring a bandwidth contract on an HPE Aruba access point controller involves setting up policies that dictate how much bandwidth can be allocated to specific user groups or applications. This ensures fair and efficient network utilization. Below are the typical steps to set up a bandwidth contract on an HPE Aruba access point controller:

syrotech gpon olt configuration

Syrotech GPON OLT Plug and Play Configuration for FTTH ONU or ONT

In this blog post, we will explore the seamless setup of Syrotech's GPON OLT Plug & Play configuration for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) ONU/ONT devices. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, we'll guide you through the key steps to get your Fiber-to-the-Home network up and running in no time.