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aruba access point configuration step by step

Configuring Bandwidth Contracts on HPE Aruba wifi Access Point Controller

Configuring a bandwidth contract on an HPE Aruba access point controller involves setting up policies that dictate how much bandwidth can be allocated to specific user groups or applications. This ensures fair and efficient network utilization. Below are the typical steps to set up a bandwidth contract on an HPE Aruba access point controller:

Initially, log in to the HPE Aruba Network Dashboard. Enter the Username and Password to get access to the controller.

setup aruba access point

Once you log in, we get the Aruba controller dashboard. The following tab shows the dashboard of the connected HPE Aruba access point.

wifi access point controller

Setting up Bandwidth Contracts

Next, to set the bandwidth contract, click Configuration and then select Security > Access Control. This dashboard will display the user roles.

aruba access point setup

As you can see the “ RUfacultystaff “already has a bandwidth contract of 20 Mbps on both upstream and downstream as shown in the below image.

aruba ap configuration guide

Now to set bandwidth contracts for the guest user,  Select  “ RUGuest ” and click edit to set bandwidth contracts.

access point configuration

Once you click edit, you are directed to the RUGuest dashboard. Here, click bandwidth contracts to set upstream and downstream to the user.

wireless access point setup

On the total bandwidth contracts, add new on the upstream port then enter name for bandwidth and set bandwidth as 25 Mbps.

set bandwidth contracts

Once the upstream bandwidth has been set, click done. Next move to the downstream setup,

wireless access point for home

On downstream, select upstream bandwidth as we added before (25 Mbps) and then click apply to set bandwidth. Following that, click Save Configuration on the top menu.

bandwidth control setup

Now, go to the configuration > Access control to view the status of the bandwidth contract.

wireless access point

Now you can see the bandwidth contracts as we set on the HPE Aruba Access Point with a few more steps. If you need any help, just ping us (virtually or directly, depending on availability).

Note: Grabnpay will assist you with all technical solutions and troubleshooting issues. If you want visual understanding, please refer to our YouTube video