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mikrotik winbox

How should I Configure the Access point on the Mikrotik router using a Winbox?

Configuring an Access Point Bridge on a MikroTik router using Winbox involves setting up the router to function as a bridge between wired and wireless networks, allowing devices to connect wirelessly to the local network.To configure a Mikrotik router basic setup on Winbox, Enter the Mac Address on the Winbox tab and connect it by clicking the connect button.
aruba vs cisco access points

Aruba vs. Cisco - A comparison of enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points

Among Aruba vs. Cisco APs, which is the most reliable? As enterprise organizations become more mobile and users demand higher bandwidth. Legacy Wi-Fi systems often strain under the load of modern digital workplaces. Upgrading to the latest enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 access points enables IT teams to deliver wireless connectivity today's enterprises need. 
how to fix wifi dead zones

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi 5 dead Spots - How to fix them?

Nowadays, a reliable Wi-Fi connection is a lifeline connecting us to the world. However, many of us have experienced dead zones at home. Some areas in our homes suffer from weak Wi-Fi signals. Dead zones can disrupt productivity, hinder online activities, and lead to frustrating user experiences.
syrotech gpon olt

GPON OLT - Exploring syroteh 8 port OLT performance capabilities

Syroteh 8 Port GPON OLT is a fiber optic access network that delivers high-speed data, voice, and video services. Fiber optic networks are popular for their scalability and ability to support many services. In a GPON network, Optical Line Terminal provides the central connection point between the service provider's network and the subscriber's premises.
Router vs Access Point

When compared to a modem or router, how does an access point differ?

I just read some of the answers about access points they just shared what is what?. I'm not saying this is wrong, but this content wouldn't be enough to understand a particular topic. Few people will search for other information on other pages to know the whole process of this particular one. In this article, you can gain in that knowledge about access points and it work.