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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kathir T
Top Tier Choice

This router is a top-tier choice for home labs, providing exceptional performance without venturing into the costly CCR business range. With its robust 64-bit 4-core ARM CPU, it effortlessly handles all tasks thrown its way. Whether you're setting up intricate VLANs, managing traffic queues, configuring dual WAN setups, or implementing VPNs, this router excels at handling everything with ease. What's more, it operates silently, thanks to its fanless design

Robust Security

RB5009 offers significant upgrades over the RB2011, boasting a modern ARM CPU and improved switching for faster speeds. Its robust security features and customizable configuration make it suitable for advanced users. With support for 10Gbps SFP+ and 2.5Gbps ports, it future-proofs your home network for higher speeds and expansion. Despite its complexity, sticking to default settings ensures a secure and high-performing experience, making it a cost-effective choice compared to pricier alternatives.

visal sudhakaran
Great upgrade from older Microtik products

Satisfied with its performance and configurability, this router isn't for novices, but sticking to default settings makes it manageable. It's complex but not as daunting as some claim, and for the price, it outperforms many higher-priced alternatives.

reshma singh
Pure power

This router are ultimate non-enterprise router for your homelab: 64-bit 4-core ARM CPU, handles complex setups effortlessly (VLANs, traffic queues, dual WAN, VPNs), silent operation with no fans, and now fixed 2.5Gbe port error with the latest RouterOS update. Requires network understanding for configuration.

Sunil Patel
Ultimate Choice

This router stands as the ultimate choice for your homelab, offering unparalleled performance without venturing into the commercial CCR realm. Boasting a robust 64-bit 4-core ARM CPU, it effortlessly handles diverse tasks with seamless efficiency. From intricate VLAN setups to traffic prioritization, dual WAN configurations, and VPN management, it empowers you to tackle any networking challenge. Plus, its fanless design ensures silent operation, letting you work undisturbed.