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Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime on the World's Biggest Online Platform

Extreme Speed & 

Guranteed Uptime

Ultra Secure & 

On-Demand Backups

24/7 Business Support & WooCommerce Hosting

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WooCommerce Hosting Plans

Fast, Secure & Optimized For WordPress


SAVE 70%

Rs. 139.00/ mo

Included of All Taxes

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  • 10 websites 

  • Free WP CLI

  • Free SSL Certificate 

  • 14 Day Backup

  • Limited SSD Storage

  • Limited High Bandwidth

  • Limited core CPU 

  • Wordpress Acceleration

  • Limited Object cache 

  • DNS Management 

  • Limited Private Name server 

  • Integrated WAF Firewall

  • 30 days money back guarentee

  • 24/7 * 365 chat support 

  • 99.9 % Uptime Guarentee

  • Sales performance monitor

Best Value


SAVE 70%

Rs. 199.00/ mo

Included of All Taxes

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  • 50 website 

  • Free WP CLI 

  • Free SSL Certificate 

  • 7 Day Backup

  • Autoscale SSD Storage

  • Unlimited High Bandwidth

  • Autoscale Core CPU 

  • Wordpress Acceleration

  • Unlimited Object cache 

  • DNS Management

  • Unlimited private Name server 

  • Integrated WAF Firewall

  • 30 days money back guarentee

  • 24/7 *365 chat & call support 

  • 99.9 % Uptime Guarentee

  • Sales & Plugin performance monitor


SAVE 70%

Rs. 299.00/ mo

Included of All Taxes

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  • 100 website

  • Free WP CLI

  • Free SSL Certificate 

  • Daily backup

  • unlimited SSD Storage 

  • Unlimited High Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Autoscale Core CPU 

  • Wordpress Acceleration

  • Unlimited Object cache 

  • DNS Management

  • Unlimited private Name server 

  • 30 % Faster 

  • Integrated WAF Firewall

  • 30 days money back guarentee

  • 24/ 7 * 365  Priority Support 

  • 99.9 % Uptime Guarentee

  • Sales & Plugin performance monitor

Make Selling More Easier With Our WooCommerce Hosting!!!

Managed Updates for 

Your Site 

we update your wordpress woocommerce automatically to make sure site run on the latest application version and safe against exploits.

A Stable Platform Keeps Your Store Always Open

Reliable platform for an always open store, backed by secure server management and cutting edge tech.

On-Demand Backups Based on Your Needs

Depending on the plan, we back up each account daily. With this, you can fix most site issues with a 1-click restore.

Highly Customized Firewall for Ultra Sheilded Site

In order to keep your store safe from various attacks, our security team constantly updates our Web Application Firewall.

Set Your Store Up For Success!!!

Providing an Extensive Range of Hosting Features to Enhance the Success of Your Online Store

Fast Solid State Storage

WooCommerce Pre- Configured

Free SSL Security

Automatic Updates

100% Uptime Guarenteed


More Pages, Served 

2x Faster WordPress


Faster Search with

Instant Results


Annual Transactions

by Our Customers

Get Started

Experience the

Top-Rated Hosting Services!!

Anytime Available

Round the Clock 

Business Support

Friendly & Proficient

Always Eager to Help Our Customers

Extreme Responses

Quick Pickup &

Instant Solutions

99% Customer Satisfaction

Based on Our Customer Intractions

Why You Should Choose

Our Hosting?

Recommended By WordPress

AWS Powered Cloud Servers

Pre-Configured WooCommerce

Free!!! SSL Certified Sites

Trusted by Clients & 

Industry Experts

We are deeply grateful for the positive feedback we consistently receive from our customers.

Our website boasts an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5, derived from a total of 1030 reviews.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

How does managed WooCommerce hosting works?

We offer hassle-free, ready-to-go WooCommerce hosting. You don't have to do anything. We'll make sure your store stays open so you can keep taking orders and growing your business once you sign up for our managed WooCommerce hosting. Our automatic updates and security keep your store up to date.

I use WordPress and want to add WooCommerce, What should I do?

Nothing to worry about! Get in touch with our support team to see which WooCommerce option is right for you.

Which Hosting is best for my WooCommerce? 

Our WooCommerce hosting services offer the perfect solutions for store owners of all sizes regardless of the scope and scale of their project. If you are just getting started, our Start-up plan will be more than adequate. As your online store grows, you may want to upgrade to a more powerful WooCommerce hosting plan.

Can I host multiple websites?

Yes, Grabnpay lets you host multiple WordPress websites. You can only use Woocommerce Bookings, Subscriptions, and Product Add-ons on your primary website with Enterprise packages. Additional licenses are required to utilize these plug-ins on additional websites.

Does WooCommerce take percentage of sales? 

As a standalone application, WooCommerce does not charge any fees. There are no transaction fees or other charges associated with the software. Depending on how you build, configure, and manage your WooCommerce site, your costs may vary.

Will you help me to migrate my existing website?

Yes,we offer free website migrations! Whenever you need help transferring your WooCommerce site, we're here to help. Get started with our Customer Success team.

Why Should I choose WooCommerce instead of Shopify?

There's a community of developers working on making WooCommerce as flexible and versatile as the industry demands. With the internet and online stores evolving, WooCommerce does too. With Grabnpay, you can build a WooCommerce website for beginners as well as pros. Anybody can set up and run a professional online store with WooCommerce. It's all powered by WordPress, so your data is 100% yours.


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