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Unlock the Future of Application Deployment!!!

Supercharge Your Development with Our 

#1 Kubernetes Playground

Play,learn and experiment with Kubernetes effortlessly. Put your ideas to the test in our exam-ready environment, free from constraints.


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Perfectly! Made Platform to Practice & Learn


Simulate directly in the environment, without having to worry about server installation and maintanence.

24/7 Practice

Continuous Learning, Anytime: Practice Kubernetes 24/7 to hone your skills and stay ahead in container orchestration.

Interactive Challenges

Elevate your Kubernetes expertise through a series of interactive challenges that transform learning into an exciting journey of discovery.


Swiftly access and navigate with ease in our beginner-friendly Cloud Console, featuring seamless login, clear instructions, and effortless accessibility.


Eliminate the need for installing cumbersome additional software in your local environment, streamlining your workflow.


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Choose Us! But For What?

Secured & Cost-Effective Playground

Our playground offers a fortress of protection for your projects, keeping your data safe while keeping costs in check. Enjoy worry-free experimentation without breaking the bank.

Empowering Developers Worldwide

We're on a mission to fuel your innovations. Join our worldwide community of developers, unlock your potential, and build the future you envision.

Unraveling the Gameplay!

Explore, strategize, and dominate in this immersive gaming experience, where every move counts!

Pick Your Subscriptions!

Enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on our annual plans, setting us apart from the competition. Join us now for premium benefits!


  • Limited Practice Questions

  • Limited Video Accessible 

  • Up to date Practice QA

  • Updated auto-suggest videos

  • Integrated Progress Tracker 

  • Detailed Performance History

  • Webinars with experts

  • Course Certification 

  • Hands on lab with training content 

  • Testing your Cloud Skills

  • Existed Cloud Infrastructures & Applications

  • 24/7 Technical Support 

  • Rs.699.00/mo

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  • Unlimited Accessible Question

  • All Tutorial Accessible 

  • Up to date Proactice QA

  • Updated auto-suggest videos

  • Integrated Progress Tracker 

  • Detailed Performance Report 

  • Webinars with experts

  • Course Certification

  • Hands on lab with training content 

  • Testing your Cloud Skills

  • Real-time Cloud Infrastructures & Applications

  • 24/7 Technical Support 

  • Rs.5999.00/yr

    25% Discount

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    Your one-stop destination for incredible savings on everything you need. Compare and start saving today, because our budget deserves the best deals!

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    Rs. 1850.00/ mo

    We made Professionals for

    Efficiency & Innovative Hub

    Shaping the Future of DevOps!

    Experience the forefront of DevOps excellence with our cutting-edge Kubernetes Playground Service, empowering your teams for scalable and agile development.

    Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

    Companion for Kubernetes

    Expert Guidance at your Fingertips

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    Learn From the Bests around the World

    We've Got the Panel of Wordclass Trainers!

    Their enthusiasm for imparting knowledge and their commitment to ensuring you receive top-notch education are palpable. Under their expert guidance, you'll develop a profound comprehension of cutting-edge technologies and the most effective methodologies.

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    Kubernetes Playground

    Our interactive platform allows you to experiment with Kubernetes clusters in a risk-free environment. Learn the basics, deploy applications, and master container orchestration—all without the worry of disrupting production systems. 

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    Tutorials & Workshops

    Mastering Kubernetes Made Simple

    Meet Our Latest Kube's

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