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bsnl broadband modem configuration settings pdf

How should I configure the Netlink BSNL ONT FTTH modem?

To configure a bsnl broadband ftth modem using a web interface, here are the steps to follow

To begin

Connect the Netlink modem to your system through “internet and network setting”

bsnl broadband


The above figure represents the system connectivity with modem as you need to configure WAN connection.

Then, open a default web browser and enter the default IP address(likely on the URL.

This opens the login page. Here you have to enter a username and password along with verification code.

For a new user

Enter the username and password (It can be found in the modem label) for login. Then enter the verification code seen below the bar. 

bsnl ftth modem


After login, username and password reset window appears along with password instruction for a strong and secure password setting. This usually appears only for new user login.

Once you reset the credentials, click on “Apply” to save it.

bsnl modem setup


This page will take you to the re-login page. It is a temporary login page to enter updated username and password. 

Netlink gateway

Within the Netlink gateway of HG323RGW (1GE, IFE,1POTS, WIFI) ONT, you can spot “Status, Network, Security, Application, Management, Diagnosis, and Help” at top menu bar.

bsnl ftth modem setup


Configuration process:-

Click on “Network” and delete the default WAN configuration.

bsnl modem


Now, create a new WAN connection by selecting the connection name(Either add or select one from drop down box) . Then, change mode as “Route” and choose an IP protocol as either IPV4/IPv6, IPv4, or IPv6. Its chosen based on the suggestion and ISP (Internet Service Provider).


modem for bsnl ftth


Since you can see various protocols like 

  • DHCP (Dynamic IP), 
  • Static (Static IP), 
  • PPPoE protocol (Allows single server connection to multiple clients) 

Choose the connection that you have taken from ISP.

Then select the check box of NAT (Network Address Translation) if you need to map multiple private IP addresses to public IPs before the transfer of data.

After all these, enter a VLAN ID(connects different devices and communicates with each other).If you don't know the id then contact your ISP provider.

net link wifi router setup


As follows, enter the username and password provided by the ISP and then select service mode as either “INTERNET, VOICE or other options that lists in drop down box”.

Finally, enable the port binding (port_1,port_2, and WLAN) and click on “Save/Apply” to configure the connection.

net link dual band router


Final outcome

After completing the configuration, go back to the “Status” and select the “WAN Connection info” to view the connection status (usually it will be down without internet  connectivity). If the connection is successful, status will change to “up”.




Now open a new tab and check internet speed. 

In case of any error, just ping us to troubleshoot (either virtually or directly(based on availability)).

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